Our Mission

 Who We Are… Real People

OpenIT Integrated Business Solutions is a progressive, loosely coupled group of industry professionals, committed to promoting the use and development of open source software technologies. Founded in early 2010 as a vehicle to inform businesses and organizations of the practicality and almost unlimited potential of open source solutions. We believe that software integrations don’t have to be painful and expensive. It is our mission to inform, inspire and ignite change for the common good of humanity.

 Our Ethos… Measurable Solutions

We take great pride in being technology independent. We do not sell products or software, and we do not have alliances with vendors. We are independent because we know that no single solution is right for every client, and we are committed to evaluating all potential solutions to find the one that is most appropriate for each individual situation. By staying neutral our clients can be confident that we are recommending solutions that really make sense for them based on their needs and our real-world experiences, and not because we’re getting vendor kickback’s.

Our Mission 17% Mister Wizard