Craigslist Data Scraper (SQLite)

Last week I posted an article Craigslist Data Scraper (MySQL) detailing a script I wrote in order to find my family a new Ski Boat. After discussing this script with a family friend over the weekend, I was asked if the script could be adapted to use SQLite instead of MySQL. Being the type of person that is always up for a challenge, here is what I came up with. As with the MySQL version, you will need edit the ### Search Parameters ### section with the information you are searching for as well as the ### Email Parameters ### section so you are not sending me your search results. Note, that after running the script the first time, you can safely remove the database creation area annotated by ### Database Creation, remove after first run ###.

Once you have edited the script to your liking, you can schedule the script to run at intervals using your crontab.

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