Custom DOD Root CA Installer (WiX)

If you have ever done work with the Government or Military, then you know all too well that in order to access nearly any Government website you need a CAC card. Beyond needing a CAC, your machine needs to have the DOD Root CA’s installed on it as well. Our previous article Custom DOD Cert Installer (WiX) provided instructions on how to accomplish that task, however the 5.0 branch of the CA installer has drastically changed from the previous version. The most notable being the new installer requires the .net framework installed on the client computer. Beyond that, there seems to be a lot of unnecessary bloat that gets installed as well. Below we will build a click and run msi installer that will install the DOD root certificates and run the FBCA crosscert removal tool as well as have the ability to be deployed via GPO.

Required software


  • Download and install WiX v3.10.
  • Download and install 7-Zip File Archiver.
  • Download and install the DOD root certificates v5.0.1.
    • When installing select only – “Command-Line Tool”
  • Download and extract the FBCA crosscert remover.
    • Once extracted, rename file “CrosscertRemover.exe”
  • Download and extract the DOD Installer Source below.
    • Navigate to “C:\Program Files (x86)\DoD-PKE” and copy the “InstallRoot” folder to the same location as the extracted DOD Installer Source files above.
    • Copy “CrosscertRemover.exe” inside the “InstallRoot” folder in the same location as the extracted DOD Installer Source above.
  • Note: all source files must be in the same directory in order to compile.

If all the steps above were properly completed, your build source directory should look something like the image below.install-root-folder


  • Building the installer package: Edit the path to the WIX variable in InstallRoot.bat
  • Execute InstallRoot.bat: You will be prompted to enter a version number. In this case version 5.0.1. This will create InstallRoot_v5.0.1.msi
  • InstallRoot.wxs may be modified using Notepad++ or your favorite text editor to customize your installer.

download-icon DOD Installer Source Download

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