Dell C6100 Firmware Updates (Rufus)

In the article below we will detail the steps required to create a bootable firmware update USB drive for your Dell PowerEdge C6100 Server using Rufus. Using this drive, you will be able to update your BIOS, BMC and FCB firmware. This tutorial assumes you have a basic understanding of using DOS.

  1. Open Rufus to format your USB Drive and make it bootable using FreeDOS.
  2. Next, download and place the contents of the file on the root of your USB Drive.
  3. Plugin your USB Drive into one of the C6100 nodes, and boot to the USB Drive. Once booted you should be at a DOS command prompt.
  4. First update the BIOS by going to BIOS folder and then running “BIOS.bat”
  5. Be aware lashing can take up to two minutes. Once it is done, reboot the node.
  6. If all goes well your node will reboot with the updated BIOS!
  7. Next, boot the  USB Drive and when at the DOS prompt again, go to BMC folder and run “BMC.bat”.
  8. Once the BMC update is complete, our last step is to update the FCB by navigating to the FCB folder and running “FCB.bat”. When that is complete, reboot the node.
  9. You should now have your BIOS on version 1.71, and your BMC on 1.33! You will have to repeat this process on every node if you want to update the entire C6100.
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