Dell OpenManage Email Alerts (Bash)

If you are running Dell OpenManage on Ubuntu 12.04 as I previously detailed, then chances are you would also like to automate alerts via email. Since Dell OpenManage does not natively support e-mails we will need to turn to our trusty bash script in order to accomplish this task. The only requirement for my script would be to pass the alert type to the email.  Below is the basic script.

The script above is pretty simple. It only takes on input that will be loaded into the $1, this is the alert variable. In order to use the script, ensure it is located at the path /usr/local/bin/ and is made executable with the following command: chmod +x /usr/local/bin/ Once the script is executable, it can be tested with the following command:

Once you have confirmed that the script works, you can set the alert actions using the below script I have name Note that messages such as “battery probe warning” can be changed to whatever you want.

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