Fix Preparing to Configure Windows

I recently had a customer in an absolute panic because their Exchange Server was stuck at the screen “Preparing to Configure Windows” and had been for several hours. This server is running Windows 2008 R2 and Exchange 2010, my fist step was turning to my trusty old friend “Google“. A brief search led me to this article which detailed the fix on a box running Exchange. Below I will describe the steps to get the server to finish the updates.

1. Log into a remote machine with the same credentials as the server having the problem.
2. Open services.msc and connect to the affected server.
3. Find the “Windows Modules Installer” service which should be in the state of “stopping”.
4. The problem is that the modules installer service is hung and needs to be stopped.
5. This can be accomplished with pskill which is a part of the Sysinternals Suite.
6. Open the cmd window and run pskill \\YOUR-SERVER trustedinstaller.exe
7. Once pskill is run, if everything went alright, the reboot should now continue.

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3 thoughts on “Fix Preparing to Configure Windows

  1. ran into the same problem on exchange 2010 boxes during patching. killed the trustedinstaller.exe and reboot went right through. Previous servers had me waiting over an hour and then had to power down in VMware. thank you for this.

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