Improve Chrome Font Rendering

Google Chrome for Windows has long been plagued by font rendering problems. From fonts that appear slightly “off” compared to other platforms, to flat out rendering errors, text simply doesn’t look that good in Chrome. Fortunately, a new feature of the browser (version 35+) has finally brought support for DirectWrite. DirectWrite is Microsoft’s text rendering API for Windows which can improve font rendering significantly. Up until now, Chrome font rendering has relied on Windows Graphics Device Interface (GDI), an older and less capable API. I must admin that I am not a user of Chrome, however I  do use Iron Web Browser as a chrome compatible development browser. Below I will detail how to enable DirectWrite  on any Chromium based browser greater than version 35. iron-enable-directwriteAs pictured above, launch your Chromium based browser and enter chrome://flags into the browser’s address bar. Locate the setting to Enable DirectWrite. Choose Enable and quit and relaunch the browser.

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