MailCleaner Anti Spam Gateway

MailCleaner Virtual Appliance is a full business anti spam software solution, including the operating system, anti-virus, anti-spam and a complete administration environment. It is installed on the hardware or Virtual machine of your choice ( VMWare, Xen Citrix, Proxmox, KVM, Hyper-V,… ) to create a veritable anti spam filtering appliance gateway. MailCleaner implements a number of complementary techniques to detect, filter and block spam. It combining artificial intelligence algorithms and constantly adapts to identify the ever-changing techniques of spammers. You can now fight effectively against phishing, ransomeware, cryptolocker and other threats. Anti-virus filters all incoming messages for viruses, worms, macro and suspicious attachments with potentially dangerous contents. MailCleaner can recognize and classify newsletters. The user will receive only the newsletters he wants to receive and all others will remain in quarantine. Web-based User interface offers each user a simple way to review quarantine lists, change preferences, and consolidate reports for users who have more than one e-mail address. With web-based administrator interface the administrator can keeps control of all system settings. Detailed traffic and filtering reports give the administrator a clear vision of network and mail activity.

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