Postfix Quota Notification Script

If you are running Postfix with quota support, email reporting for users that are nearing their quota limit would be highly beneficial in your environment. If aren’t running Postfix with quota support and would like to, see our articles Postfix VDA 2.11.3 Available  for Debian 8 or Postfix VDA 2.11.2 Available for Debian 7. Below we are providing a Perl script that will notify mail administrators of current quota usages and email users if they reach a preset percent of quota used. This script is loosely based on this script at How to Forge. In order to run the script below, you will need to place it with your Postfix configuration at /etc/postfix/quota-notify and make it executable. Once that’s complete, simply edit the variables on lines 4-11 and add an entry to your crontab to run the script as seen below.

In the end the admin report will look like the image below.postfix-quota-report

download-icon Postfix Quota Notify Download

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