PXE Booting Clonezilla 2.2 Live

We have been using Clonezilla for some time now here in our lab as well as at several client sites. Recently a client of mine went about updating their Clonezilla Live PXE install to the newest version and ran into some problems. Honestly, our setup has been working flawlessly for years so I never really put any thought to updating it. Up until now we had been running version 1.2.x, but after looking at the change logs, it appears there has been lots of work done and it was indeed time for an update. Our old setup was essentially the vanilla Clonezilla liveĀ  running on top of our Windows PXE stack that I wrote about here. Our configuration settings for the PXE system were taken directly from the Clonezilla site here. Previous settings are seen below:

After updating our PXE image to version 2.2.1-25 stable, we realized these settings no longer worked and resulted in a kernel panic. After tinkering around with the settings and searching Google for a bit to no avail, I decided to download the live.iso and have a look at the boot.cfg file. Below is the working configuration I settled on.

As you can see with the new version of Clonezilla, options have been added to include hardware blacklists. Beyond the “initrd=” path modification and the “fetch=tftp://” pointer, the config above is taken directly from the boot.cfg included on the live.iso of Clonezilla. I can confirm that this configuration is working on both the Windows and Linux PXE stacks.

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