Remote Logging for Mailgraph

To fix the problem, in “/etc/rsyslog.conf” create the following template line. $template sysklogd,”<%PRI%>%TIMESTAMP% %syslogtag%%msg%” This is the same as the default template, but with the hostname removed (since sysklog will supply it). Then later in the file (it has to be later – templates have to be defined before you can use them) you just append “;sysklogd” to your line to log to the remote logging server. In our case we’re logging to IP address “”, so we create the line *.* @;sysklogd The “*.* @” is the same as it would be in “syslog.conf” – it tells the logger to send everything to another server (which is presumably listening) at IP address “”. The “;sysklod” at the end of the line tells rsyslog what template to use when it sends the data. (If you don’t specify a template, you get the default).

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