Reset Linksys SRW Series Switches

Default serial console settings for Linksys Switch SRW2048 (can be changed):

  • Bits per second: 38400
  • Data bits: 8
  • Parity: None
  • Stop bits: 1
  • Flow Control: None

Works great in PuTTy, just set connection type as seen below.
You’ll need a “console” cable for this, but its not a rollover – it’s a DB9F to DB9F straight through.

Default settings info
Default IP:
username: admin
password: (password is blank)

To reset to defaults (from dsl reports):

  1. Connect to the console port using terminal emulation parameters (see above)
  2. If you have successfully established serial communication with the switch, reboot the switch by disconnecting and then reconnecting it’s power cable.
  3. The switch will begin it’s POST procedure as displayed in the serial terminal emulator. Be ready at the keyboard to press the Esc key.
  4. Watch for the following line to appear during the boot sequence. When you see it, immediately press the esc key;console1
  5. If you successfully interrupted the boot sequence, you will be prompted with a Startup Menu. Select option number 3.console2
  6. The terminal will display, “Current password will be ignored!”. Press enter and then esc to continue with the boot sequence.console3
  7. The default account “admin” will be enabled and you can log into the switch using this account. Note the password will be blank.console4
  8. Once you have logged in as “admin” you will see the screen below. When operation complete is visible you can hit esc to show the main menu. Choose option number 1.console5
  9. One the next screen choose option number 7 the reset the switch to factory defaults.console6
  10. Reboot the switch and you are done. Disconnect and store the serial cable in a safe place for future use. If you changed the login username and password, be sure to document it somewhere safe for future reference.
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