Why Is Devuan Important?

You may be asking yourself, what the hell is Devuan. If that is the case please see our article Devuan Server. To briefly summarize, Devuan is a fork of the Debian Linux distribution. Its stated first goal is to provide a distribution without the controversial Systemd installed by default. Whether you are a fan of Systemd or not, the argument on either side no longer has any merit with regards to this article. The simple facts are this: Systemd is now an integral part of debian starting with Debian Jessie and it doesn’t appear that is going to change any time in the near future. With that said, I would like to share our opinion regarding why we think Devuan is important. Devuan Server is about choice. I can personally say I am not even close to being sold on Systemd at this point. While we are running multiple Debian 8 systems, I cant say it has been without issue. Conversely, we manage several dozen Debian 7 systems and I can emphatically say, the problems have been far and few between. Of course it is obvious that Debian 7 is very mature at this point while Debian 8 is still in its early iterations, so of course we are taking a wait and see approach. On the other side of that coin we can also say that we will be watching Devuan development very closely as we have systems we would like to see remain fresh without systemd.

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