Monthly Archives: June 2016

Vtiger CRM Web Application

Vtiger Customer Relationship Management software is a popular open source CRM application developed by the company Vtiger. It is available as free open source software based on PHP and MySQL, and as a subscription-based cloud application. Vtiger includes the following features. End to end sales cycle management from campaigns, leads, potentials, quotes, invoices. Support automation…  Read More 

Postfix Quota Notification Script

If you are running Postfix with quota support, email reporting for users that are nearing their quota limit would be highly beneficial in your environment. If aren’t running Postfix with quota support and would like to, see our articles Postfix VDA 2.11.3 Available¬† for Debian 8 or Postfix VDA 2.11.2 Available for Debian 7. Below…  Read More