Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Offline Update

Most people nowadays will be running the newest version of Adobe Acrobat however, many companies are still utilizing their older software licenses for Acrobat 9. In my case, I am adding Acrobat 9 Pro to a base Windows 7 image. As you may know already, Acrobat 9 Pro standalone updates require a specific version before updating to that version and unfortunately there is not a cumulative update to 9.5.5. You can use the Adobe Updater, however, after my latest install of Acrobat 9.0 the auto updater failed to search for updates. Perplexed, I headed to Google to find an answer and this is what I found. In that article, they are using GPO to deploy the updates, but in our how to below, we will simply build a standalone version. First, you will need to head over to Adobe’s FTP Update Server to download all the offline updates. Once the updates are downloaded, put all of them in a new folder. In my case, I created a folder named Updates. Now, download and extract Acro.bat below and place it in that same directory as the updates. Your folder should look like the picture below.acrobat-updates
Once your folder looks like the picture above, simply copy that folder to any machine running Acrobat 9.0 and run the Acro.bat file. That is it, all updates will be installed sequentially. Once completed, restart your machine.

Acrobat Update Download

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27 thoughts on “Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Offline Update

  1. So great! Thanks a lot. Some months ago I installed all manually and it was a pain in the a… . So much better with his here!

    1. I just completed updating my Acrobat Pro 9 after having to rebuild my hard drive after crashing. I found the SIMPLE way to update from 9.0.0 – Change the PC clock to May 31, 2013 and then click on Acrobat Help, Check for updates.

      It will pull in ALL of the updates and will get you to 9.2.0. From there you can change your PC clock back to the real time and use the “Check for Updates” from there. Easy Peasy.

  2. I have discovered some additional information to update Acrobat standard 9.0 to 9.55. I had a system board failure on my Dell Desktop last September 2015. I was not able to update my Acrobat 9 standard after reinstall. I followed your links and instructions and had problems getting past 9.3.2. I discovered that you have to be patient and wait at least an hour or longer and re-run the auto-bat file. Restart the computer launch acrobat and check for updates. The last updates will be ready for download and you have what you paid for Acrobat Standard 9.55

  3. I am not finding the acro.bat file. Where is it located? Is it created by “”

      1. Thanks for the quick response. All I am seeing at the bottom of the ftp page are “” and” When I examine those two files, there are lines referencing every update from 9.0 to 9.5.5, but there is no acro.bat file.

        1. The download link is at the bottom of the how-to, not at the adobe ftp site. If you cant find the link you can click here.

          1. Thanks. I found it, ran it, got through 9.3 and it stopped. I’ll check the text of the file, see if I am missing an update or if the bat file is missing a reference to an update and ground to a halt.

    1. The updates have to be run in order. I would double check that the files in the Acro.bat script are all in the updates folder.

      1. Matthew,

        Thanks for trying to help me. I finally got to the 9.5.5 update by installing everything after 9.2 one-by-one. Lots of restarts – ugh.


        1. Don, are you doing the updates on a single machine or in an enterprise on multiple machines? I am baffled as to what the problem could be. I have deployed this script to run after thin imaging on XP, 7 and 8-8.1 machines and have not had an issue yet. If you find out what caused the problem could you please report back? Thanks

          1. Single machine. Doubt that I’ll ever find out what the problem was because the 9.5.5 version of Acrobat is now in place.

  4. I applied the changes as you set forth. But the Acrobat version number did not change in the Help/About Acrobat Standard dialog box. Should it?

    1. I am running Windows 8.1 Enterprise and the acrobat version number is showing 9.5.5. What OS are you running?

      1. I’m running Windows 8.1 (64Bit) English on a new Dell XPS 8700.

        I did make one change in the ACRO.bat file to install “AcroProStdUpd910_all_incr.msp” instead of “AcroProStdUpd910_T1T2_incr.msp”

        1. You could try running the Acro.bat as is. I have verified that on both Windows 7 (x64) Enterprise and Windows 8.1 (x64) Enterprise the version number after running the script reads 9.5.5

          1. That worked a little better. Got to v. 9.2.0, but apparently no further, although the bat file fully ran. Are there any Acrobat files I can check to see what has been updated?

          2. I am not sure what the problem is. Are you rebooting after the updates run?

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