Enable PXE on Zentyal 4.2

If you have been trying to figure out how to setup PXE on Zentyal Server, you probably found that their documentation located here is lacking at best. In this how to, we are going to describe the steps required to get a PXE server up and running on our Zentyal Domain Controller using our PXE stack that was previously written about in PXE Structure on Windows 2008 R2. You are probably asking yourself, why are they referencing an article about Server 2008 R2? That is because the PXE stack is the same whether on Linux or Windows. So without further ado, first you will login to the Zentyal Server web interface and navigatezentyal-pxe-settings to “DHCP > Configuration > Advanced Options“. Once there you will want to edit the “Thin client / External TFTP-Server” settings as shown to the left. It is important to note that “Next server” is the server that will be hosting the boot files. In this case it will be our Zentyal Domain Controller but you can also choose host and input an IP address if you would like to use another machine on your network to host the boot files. Also note that “gpxelinux.0” is the boot file being fed to PXE Clients. Once that is complete, ensure you save your changes. Next we will need to upload our PXE boot files that can be downloaded below. To upload the files I simply connect to my Zentyal Server using WinSCP and copy the unzipped download to the root directory. So in closing, all your boot files will now be located under “/var/lib/tftpboot/“. Once your boot files are there, you should be able to PXE boot any client on your network and you will be presented with the interface shown below.zentyal-pxe

zentyal-icon Zentyal PXEServer Directory Download

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2 thoughts on “Enable PXE on Zentyal 4.2

  1. I run zentyal 4.2 and I’d like to try pxe boot.

    Is there an explanation where the files (gpxelinux.0, memdisk, vesamenu.c32) in the zip come from?

    Are iso images placed in images/ or in images/gpl/ dir? The README file is not clear where I get the boot files from.

    I cannot find this file, images/gpl/bzImage nor this file, images/gpl/initrd.img Where do I get these from?


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