Manage Zentyal Using RSAT

If you have ever worked as a sysadmin in a Windows environment, then almost surely you are familiar with RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools). RSAT provides a set of tools to manage your Windows Server environment from a Windows Workstation. With that said you may be asking what this has to do with Zentyal Server. Well, starting with version 3.2, Zentyal has replaced its LDAP back end for Users and Groups with Samba4. Samba4 is an Active Directory Compatible Server that provides support for features such as Group Policy, Roaming Profiles, Windows Administration tools and integrates with Microsoft Exchange. I have been using Zentyal Server for years and my only real complaint has been the management web interface. While the interface has come a long ways since the 2.x days, in my opinion being able to manage Zentyal like a Windows Server is a huge plus! Below we will describe how to install RSAT on Windows for use with our Zentyal Server. First you will need to download and install RSAT for Windows 7 SP1. Once installed you will need to go to “Control Panel” and open “Programs and Features“. Next, click on “Turn Windows features on or offenable-rsat which is located left side of the window. Lastly, scroll down to find “Remote Server Administration Tools” and click on the required boxes as pictured to the left. It is important to note that not all RSAT features are compatible with your Zentyal Server so I would suggest only installing what you think you may need and testing as required. In closing, this procedure also works with Windows XP and  Windows 10 using either Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack or RSAT for Windows 10 respectively.

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