ESXi Install/Upgrade Over PXE 2

If you read our previous article ESXi Install or Upgrade Over PXE, you may have noticed that method no longer works with the most recent versions of ESXi specifically the Dell and HPE customized images. Our new method is based on our article PXE Boot Almost Any ISO Image. First you need to head over to VMware and download the latest version of ESXi. Once you have downloaded the ESXi iso, simply rename the file to esxi.iso and copy it to your TFTP directory under images/esx. You will also need  a copy of memdisk from the most recent syslinux package here which will also be copied to images/esx. Now open your pxelinux configuration file which will be called “default” if you followed our tutorial here. Inside this file, add an entry for ESXi as seen below.

MENU LABEL ESXi 5.5 Install/Upgrade Image
kernel images/esx/memdisk
append iso initrd=images/esx/esxi.iso raw

Once that is complete you should be able to boot to ESXi using your PXE Server. Note that in the past when using tftpd-hpa (Linux PXE Server) there have been case-sensitivity issues, however using the method above fixes the issue.

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