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Hyperbox Virtualization Manager

Hyperbox is an open-source Java client-server software that manages your virtualized infrastructure across your different hypervisors. It aims to provide a free alternative to commercial products like VMware vCenter/ESXi and Citrix XenCenter/XenServer. It is primarily used with Virtualbox, its favorite hypervisor backend, but is designed with a modular architecture in mind and could use any…  Read More 

ESXi 5.5 Firewall Commands

ESXi Firewall Commands Command Description esxcli network firewall get Returns the enabled or disabled status of the firewall and lists default actions. esxcli network firewall set –defaultaction Update default actions. esxcli network firewall set –enabled Set to true to enable the firewall, set to false to disable the firewall. esxcli network firewall load Load the…  Read More