Fix ESXi Failed to deploy OVF

If you are working with VMware ESXi Server, you are probably aware of the ability to export your entire virtual servers into handy little packages called OVA Templates. Occasionally we need to restore a server from an OVA Template but when you go to deploy the template you get the following error seen below. ova-errorWhat this error is telling you is that when the OVA Template was created there was a CD-Rom .iso mounted on the server. So naturally when restoring the server, the .iso is not available so you get the error above. If you have a running copy of the server then simply remove the .iso from the CD-Rom drive and export the OVA template again. ova-settingsLooking at the picture above, simply select “Client Device” for CD-Rom device type then save your settings. If you are restoring the server in a disaster recovery situation then you are in luck. The broken OVA Template can be easily fixed. The first step is to extract the OVA Template to a folder using 7-Zip or your favorite zip software. Once extracted, open the folder and you will notice there are three files.ova-files
Delete the file with the .mf file extension. If you modify the .ova without deleting the .mf, ESXi will complain that the checksum is invalid. Next, open the .ovf file using Notepad++ or your favorite text editor. Once open, find and replace the text as described below then save the file. Once you have updated the file you can go back to ESXi and deploy the template by selecting the .ovf file you edited.

# Find the line below
# Replace with this line
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