Install HP ESXi Offline Bundle

If you run HP servers in your shop, specifically the ML or DL series servers with ESXi, you may have noticed that your array controller status is not available under hardware statuses.  That’s right, the vanilla install of ESXi does not contain RAID controller drivers for many of the HP RAID devices such as the E200i and E410i.  While HP does offer an ESXi install image, it is typically a version or two behind to current stable version from Vmware. I am a bleeding edge type of guy so without further ado, to install the HP ESXi Offline Bundle in ESXi you must WinSCP into the desired ESXi Server and copy the attached file to the /tmp directory. Once that is complete run the following command and then reboot the server. Note that the newest version of the HP Offline Bundle can be downloaded here from HP.

esxcli software vib install -d /tmp/

download-icon HP ESXi Offline Bundle Download

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