Pfsense Wifi Bandwidth Limiter

In our previous article Pfsense Guest Wifi Alt Setup, we detailed the steps required to get a Guest Wifi network up and running with Pfsense. You may have noted in that article that we were using a Linksys WRT-54GL connected to an OPT interface to provide wireless connectivity to the guest network. For the purpose of this article, it doesn’t matter whether you use an access point or a direct wireless interface via Pfsense, the rules are the same either way. In this tutorial we will detail the steps required to limit the bandwidth on our Guest Wifi network. Pictured below you will see the final rule set that is being applied to our Guest Wifi network¬† OPT interface.firewall-rules The last rule highlighted in yellow is what allows traffic across the interface. This is the only rule that will need to be modified once we have configured the Traffic Shaping limiters. Our first step is to create two new rules in our Traffic Shaper which can be found under the Firewall > Traffic Shaper menu item. Once in the Traffic Shaper, you will want to select the Limiter tab. Once there, you will need to click the Create new limiter link on on the page. Once clicked you will be presented with the configuration options for the new rule. It is important to note that we will need to create two rules. First we will create the rule below in order to limit our upload bandwidth.gwn-ul-bw As seen above the portions highlighted in yellow will need to be configured to your liking. Next we will need to create our second rule (pictured below) in order to limit our download bandwidth.gwn-dl-bw As you can see in our two images, we are limiting our Upload Bandwidth to 1.5 Mbit/s and our Download Bandwidth to 10.5 Mbit/s. Pulling it all together, we will now need to apply our limiter settings to the rule highlighted in yellow in the first image. Once you open the rule for editing, you will want to scroll down to Advanced Features and click the “Advanced” button next to In/Out. Next you will be presented with the configuration options shown below in which you will select your limiter rules as highlighted in yellow.gwn-limit-rule Finally, save the rule and “Apply Changes”. If everything was setup as described above, you should now bandwidth limiters on you Guest Wifi network.

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