Prevent 90% Of Malware With GPO

If you are in a shop running Microsoft products, then chances are you are using some flavor of their Server product. From Server 2000 forward, GPO’s(Group Policy Objects) have been the Administrators best friend for managing networks of client computers. After the CryptoLocker outbreak in October of last year, I was reminded of how important it is to have this basic GPO in place. I must admit that most sites I visit have nothing at all implemented, so I am going to show you a base policy that will prevent a lot of common Malware infestations. As a reference, attached is the Cryptolocker Warning Document that will detail the implementation of the policies in GPO. When it is all said and done your base policy will look something similar to the image below.
Essentially the policy denies CryptoLocker or like viruses/malware by removing their ability to run exe’s out of the windows AppData folder which is a very common entry point. Be mindful that this is a BASE policy and most people choose to extend it to fit their needs.

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