vSphere Web Client Performance

It has been a long time coming, but it seems as if the trend towards web based console management of the VMware ESXi Server/vCenter Server has become a reality as of the 5.5 release. With this release of ESXi, virtual hardware upgrades of guest VM’s will leave you out in the cold if you plan on managing your guests with the vSphere Client. My previous article, Revert ESXi 5.5 VM Hardware Upgrade, is for those of you that have inadvertently upgraded your virtual hardware before realizing you can no longer manage your VM’s with the vSphere client after the upgrade. I have become comfortable with the vSphere client and see no real reason to do the virtual hardware upgrade based on the ESXi 5.x Virtual Hardware Matrix I wrote about. With that said, change is inevitable and I figured it was time to give the vSphere Web Client a try. Anyhow, the web client seemed fine to me but my only complaint was the serious lag I was experiencing with the interface. A quick search on Google yielded the answer I was looking for. It seems as if the vSphere Web Client is flash based and the simple solution is to navigate to your web client which in my case was at and while the page is loading right click the browser to expose the flash player settings as seen below.vcsa flash

Select settings here and you will be presented with the WebclientFlashPlayerSettingsimage below. Note, the slider is how much storage you are allowing for the vSphere Web Client (In my case I set it to unlimited) on your machine. After making the changes, simply login to vSphere as normal and you should immediately notice a drasticĀ  improvement in performance. This useful tip is courtesy of the VMware community forums.

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