PXE Structure on Windows 2012 R2

The PXE file structure on Server 2012 R2 is very important to ensure smooth operation of PXE booting. There are two files that are required for PXE booting to work. You root directory should be C:\PXEServer\TFTProot\. If it is not, then you need to make sure you have made the proper adjustments to the registry as referenced in Enable PXE on Windows 2012 R2. In the TFTProot folder you should have five files and one folder as seen below.  The file is “gpxelinux.0” which is the actual boot file used for PXE booting as well as the supporting files .  The folder is “pxelinux.cfg” which will hold your main configuration file with boot parameters this file is simply named “default”.  At this point your file structure should look like below.
Head over here to grab the most recent version of gpxelinux.0 which at the time of this writing was 6.03. In order to obtain the boot files you will need to download the .zip file.  Once downloaded, open the file and navigate to the gpxe directory and you will find the gpxelinux.0 file inside. Once the files are placed in a structure like that pictured above, head over to DHCP for PXE on Windows 2012 R2 for my third and final part of the series to configure your DHCP server. Attached is the blank folder structure and base files needed to get you up and running.

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