Enable PXE on Windows 2012 R2

Microsoft has not made it easy to figure out how to build a PXE Server on Windows 2012 R2, Here’s how. Below are the steps to enable Windows Server 2012 R2 PXE/TFTP Server. First you will need the install the WDS Server Role. Make sure only the “Transport Server” Role service is checked. See images below.

Next, import attached Registry file which will point to the boot files and allow booting the PXE images. The important key in the registry file is “RootFolder”, this is the folder on your server that will hold all the boot images. Please ensure you edit as necessary. Once the registry is edited and imported you will need to ensure the WDSServer service has the Startup Type set to¬† automatic to ensure the service starts on boot. Once that is complete, the last step is to reboot the server. Now that the PXE Server Role is in place, head over to PXE Structure on Windows 2012 R2 to see how to structure your PXE boot files.

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