Remove Windows 10 Metro Apps

While we have been testing Windows 10 for awhile now, the time has come to take the leap and run it as our main Windows OS. With that said, I will be writing some articles on my experiences transitioning to Windows 10. To start we will want to remove all the Metro Apps that came pre-installed with Windows. Open the Start Screen and type “PowerShell” or hit “Win Key + R” on the desktop, write down “PowerShell” and hit enter. Don’t forget that you need to launch the PowerShell with administrator privileges!!!

Please read and take note of the comments in the Powershell commands below. Once you’re there, simply run the the first command to check out the list with the installed Metro/Modern apps in case you removed some of them from the Start Screen. If you wish to remove all currently installed Metro/Modern apps, run the second command. The problem with some of the pre-installed apps is that they re-appear whenever you create a new user account. All these apps are marked as “Stage” after typing the first command and in case you wish to stop them from getting re-installed, run the third command.

# Show all installed apps
Get-AppxPackage –AllUsers
# Remove all installed apps
Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage
# Prevent apps from being re-installed
Get-AppXProvisionedPackage -online | Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage –online
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