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Renew Exchange 2010 Certificate

If your organization is running Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010, you may not be aware that the Self-Signed Exchange Certificate that is installed by default during installation has a validation period of 5 years. If you start getting the Outlook security prompt pictured below, than chances are your certificate has expired. Fortunately Microsoft has made the process…  Read More 

Exchange 2010 OWA White Screen

After you install Update Roll-ups on Exchange 2010, it is common to get a blank white page when browsing to your Outlook Web Access page after the update. If you navigate to your Outlook Web Access and the address is redirected to https://mail.yourdomain.com/owa/auth/logon.aspx?url=https://mail.yourdomain.com/owa/&reason=0, this is a strong indication that this is your issue. This issue…  Read More 

Create Exchange Contact With C#

This article will provide C# code that will allow you to leverage the Exchange Management Shell to add a new Microsoft Exchange 2010/2013 Mail Contact. In order to use the code below, you must have the Exchange Management tools installed on the machine which will be running this code. Exchange Management Tools installation instructions can…  Read More