Subversion 1.9 on Debian Jessie

If you would like to use the latest version of Subversion and prefer using the package manager like me, the following steps below will enable you to install Subversion 1.9 from the WanDisco repositories. At the time of writing, the latest version in the WanDisco repo is 1.9.2.

It is important to note that the subversion install on Debian Jessie does not include a systemd start script for svnserve. This problem can easily be solved with the service start script provided below. Create an executable file at /etc/init.d/svnserve with the contents below. Note the OPTIONS line in the script below will need to be updated to reflect your specific environment.

Once your script is in place and set as executable, you can test it with the command below. Assuming your test succeeds, you can then instruct systemd to start the service at boot time.

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