HP ADU Disk Report in ESXi 5.x

As of late, I have had several clients receiving Hewlett Packard Critical Advisory’s concerning a manufacturing defect with certain hard drives. This specific advisory states that the customer must run an ADU Disk Report in order determine whether or not their drives are affected. With that said, most if not all of my clients are running ESXi and the question of the day has been, how do I run the ADU Disk Report in ESXi. Look no further, if you have read my previous tutorial’s Install HP Array Controller CLI in ESXi or Install HP ESXi Offline Bundle or you are running the HP Customized ESXi Install, then you have all the tools you need to run the required report. Below are the commands based on the tool you are using.

ESXi 5.0 HP Array Controller CLI

esxcli hpacucli cmd -q "ctrl slot=0 show config detail" > /tmp/ESX01-ADUReport.txt

ESXi 5.5 HP Smart Storage CLI

esxcli hpssacli cmd -q "ctrl slot=0 show config detail" > /tmp/ESX01-ADUReport.txt

Once the report is generated, you can feed it into the HDDtool supplied by HP using the command below. This will in turn output a report detailing whether or not your drives need replacement.

HDDtool.exe -adu -ESX01-ADUReport.txt
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