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This may seem trivial to some, but I swear I have been asked this question at least 1000 times. With that said, I think it is time to answer the below question for all.

How do I move my WordPress install to a new URL?

This task, while not necessarily difficult, is not as simple as copying the website and restoring a backup of the database like most think. I know there are about 20 different ways to accomplish this task, however I have one I have been using for years that works flawlessly every time. A few years back, while working on a data migration for a customer, I came across useful tool on Interconnect IT’s website. This tools was called “The Serialized PHP Search and Replace Tool” but has since been renamed to “Search-Replace-DB”. This tool is awesome! There are two flavors of the tool, one that runs as a php page on your site and a command line interface tool. While I typically use the CLI version, pictured below is the GUI version. The process is as simple as filling out the form steps below. Remember though, ALWAYS backup your database FIRST. Below is a download of the Search-Replace-DB 2.2.0 tool by Interconnect IT.

Screen #1step1

Screen #2step2

Screen #3step3

Screen #4step4

Screen #5step5

Note, while there is a newer version (3.0) available, I am attaching version 2.2.0, as this version is production tested and known to be working with all versions of WordPress since 3.0.

download-icon Search-Replace-DB 2.2.0 Download

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