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How To Access MailCleaner MySQL

Are you running a MailCleaner Anti Spam Gateway on your network? If that is the case, you may have other systems that could benefit from directly connecting to the MySQL instance on you MailCleaner Server. Below is our MailCleaner MySQL configuration script that will set the MySQL root password and add the proper firewall rules to…  Read More 

Zenbership Membership CRM

Zenbership is a 100% free, open source membership CRM platform, designed to provide a central hub from which online businesses and organizations can manage and automate tasks. Originally released under a commercial license, in March 2016 Zenbership was officially open sourced and licensed under the GPLv3. Doing this opened the program up to a world…  Read More 

Percona XtraBackup Utility

Percona XtraBackup is an open source, free MySQL® hot backup software that performs non-blocking backups for InnoDB and XtraDB databases. With Percona XtraBackup, you can achieve the following benefits: Backups that complete quickly and reliably Uninterrupted transaction processing during backups Savings on disk space and network bandwidth Automatic backup verification Higher uptime due to faster…  Read More 

Backup MySQL With Powershell

If you are working with MySQL on Windows you probably know about the MySQL Connector/Net .  If you don’t, please read further. MySQL Connector/Net has made working with MySQL Server or MariaDB Server on windows a breeze.  Initially it was commonly used as an interface between .Net Applications and MySQL.  With the advent of Powershell…  Read More