Dell OpenManage Email Alerts (PS)

If you read our previous article Dell OpenManage Email Alerts (Bash), then you may be wondering how to send emails when OpenManage is installed on a Windows Server. When older versions of Dell OpenManage did not natively support e-mails we wrote a Powershell script in order to accomplish the task. In recent years the newer versions of Dell OpenManage do now support email alerts, however we have found our trusty old Powershell script is much easier to configure then using the in built alerts. Below is the Powershell script:

In order to use the script above, first ensure it has been edited to reflect your environment. Once the script has been edited, simply fire up powershell and run the following command in order to apply the alert actions. Once the alert actions have been applied you should be able to test the script by pulling one of the power cords in a redundant setup.

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