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Post revisions in WordPress are a great feature, however some users might not need them especially if they have limited database space, or are using WordPress as a CMS and don’t need auto-save. If this is the case, you can totally disable the post revisions feature in WordPress. This process requires editing wp-config.php located in your WordPress root directory by adding the following code:

Note: If you wish to keep the post revisions, you can still limit the amount of revisions by replacing “false” in the above statement with the number of revisions you would like to keep.

This code will disable all future revisions to be saved and it will also increase your auto-save interval from 60 seconds to 120 seconds, so it means your post will be auto-saving every 2 minute instead of every minute. The above code, will not delete your past revisions already saved in your database. To delete all previous revisions, you will need to open HeidiSQL or PHPMyAdmin and run the following SQL query.

Warning: the code above will remove all post revisions already stored in the database. If you would like to view the post revisions prior to deleting them, then run the SQL query below.

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1 thought on “Disable WordPress Revision’s

  1. Setting time interval is smart, but if you are editing post for long time, it might be good idea to set maximum revisions WordPress will save.
    define(‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, 3);

    When having many articles this is very useful

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